Thursday, June 21, 2012

Rate of Hotness

assalamualaikum..hi bloggers & visitors..,

sory it took me so long to update even a single post.
well, i've been keeping this in draft for like ages .hehe
there's a lot of things that have been happening to me in the past few months while i'm away.
hehe. away lah sgt.
my life have been revolving & twisting around a lot..!
too much to write that i don't even know where to start...hee
i don't really like the idea of sharing things about me or my life here lately.
well social network is the worst place to express feeling (personal opinion)
sometimes, we wrote Z and people understand Z as Q . so there comes dis-communication
and the next thing you know rumors have reach England.
no one will present you the truth, look for it instead. 
stop assuming and start asking :)
ok enough with iklan satu Malaysia ni
lets proceed..!

Just now i went blogwalking around and watching vlog and i see some of them was so good in expressing their thoughts while others are just some loser who don't have a life in real world and was trying so hard to look cool in their social network. hehe. tk baik kan saya ni. there are some vloggers whom really inspire me to starts vlogging. sometimes there are things which is better expressed by talking than writing .and since i talk too much sometimes, so why don't starts vlogging kan.? tapi DSLR xde. phone pon murah tak boleh rakam. sobs sobs..( T.T ) . we'll see how it goes in the future wokeh ? 


Most people see others as hot stuff because that particular person have thousand friends on fb, and million followers in twitter or many likes and hits on youtube. if you think likes are enough to be seen as hot, then you should start minus your number of likes with total friend list and it will gives a shocking result that MOST are either ignoring or dislike. i would suggest fb to have an IGNORE button' .DISLIKE kan mcm harsh sgt. nanti kan hilang kawan dekat fb pulak. social network kan punca hilang kawan and break up dgn you guys punya couples kan.? 

However, my friend Mamat had a different idea defining 'hot' so he told Kiah(which is also my friend) and it reach me through Kiah . hope i didn't create a different version of his opinion. Well, he said that, numbers alone doesn't make you a hot stuff. you may LOOK hot but you're actually NOT. the things that really spice up your hotness is numbers + people who care for you and was there by your side. the people who love you constantly in high and low. 
and if you're dying to know your rate of hotness, stop using fb application things like "how many people view my wall" or watsoever, rather than wasting your time in your own fairy tales why don't you start browsing into your 10000000 friend list and send them a warm note and see how many would greet you back and really want to know about what really are happening in your life( tu pon kalau semangat sangat nak tahu lah) , how many friends from you phone list would really text you every night wishing you goodnight & goodmorning , how many of them would wish your birthday through phone even though they just knew it from birthday reminder on fb, how many people would really put an effort to get in touch with you even if they don't have internet access or credit to text you? how many of them would never say NO to you?and how many of them really scold , nag and tell you dekat celah gigi you ada cili?  do you think that by liking your status means people really like you..?and make you hot stuff?  huh? do you..???

eh eh... i was so into this sampai tiba-tiba mcm emo pulak ayat kan..   BTW  guys!  this is not really what comes out from Mamat's mouth ok. i don't even know his version. its my very own understanding based on his idea :)

so to girls especially ,eternal hotness is when you have numbers + REAL friends + beauty(yg ni exceptional advantage je. true beauty is when you have self-respect & when you don't know you're beautiful..!~lalala ) haha

and believe me, without REAL friends your hotness will fade away as you grew older.ok that's all. the end

fyi i've done with my foundation year in IIUM, and currently i'm doing a part time job in Sunway lagoon..!
ya kawan-kawan. sunway lagoon. tiada tiket free atau diskuan. RM100 satu kepala kalau ada mycard. jemput lah datang.okbye.

p/s : i did crumble a bit of English and Malays here . to those who don't like it, then i'm sorry. at some point i'm just lost of words and i'm too tired to think, sorry again

that's all. gudnight people :)

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