Thursday, November 08, 2012

Current sickness..!

hi friends...!
it's been a while.. i miss SOO much..!!
urm.. i kinda lost.
technically, i wrote my blog in english to improve my writting skill..
& since i haven't been writting for quite sometime., so i really am lost of words.
ok ok.. lets proceed..

Do you girls know that feeling when you walk into a store, want to buy everything in site,
just to realize that you don't have money & walk out empty-handed..?
well, i know so much how it feel. it's killing us inside & GUYS JUST DON'T GET IT.
20 years of living & never a time that i didn't love shopping.
For me, i love the feeling of purchasing new things & at times., i'm just super excited that i feel like wearing them straight away.

My shopping addiction probaly goes hand-in-hand with the fact that i have no responsibility with money whatsoever. it's not like my family is swimming with cash, but money has always just sort of been there. plus i'm the youngest in the family.. so i don't really have to think much each time i spend my money over something.
i always think that i'm a savvy shopper, but that thought had twist around after i start working in Zara.  maybe because now that i earn my own money ., so i don't have to hear questions & constant nagging from family each time i wanna spent..

price or brands doesn't really matter for me.i buy things at petaling street or uptown too.
i don't really know how to define expensive.., because even if the price is not worth, as long as i like the things., everything will be consider cheap.
this shopping madness is indeed killing me.

here's the thing: shopping make me feel better.
sometimes, even with window shoping i feel so happy.
it's like a stress therapy for me.
just that i don't do window shopping anymore since i always have money now. which i consider as a problem cause i will never learn saving.
now that i'm working in a place full of clothes, bags and shoes, NOTHING STOP ME
it's just safe to say that majority of my paycheck goes towards buying myself things i don't need..!

Each time i bring home a shopping bag,i'll hide them inside the car. if my mom find out .she'll kill me
.the thing is that i can't hide them forever.
so i'll made up stories telling her it's a gift from a friend, or i got it half price. HAHA.
i know. i know. it's just so irresponsible. but there's nothing i could do to help.

Last week me & friend went shopping at H&M . the new shopping outlet in lot 10. just opened recently. for those who havent't been there. YOU SHOULD. the garments or bags or shoes are updated & suprisingly, most of them have almost the same design as Zara, Topshop, Dorothy Perkins yet the price is much cheaper. like superb..! I bought a denim shirt with only RM 99 . if it was Zara, the price would be up to RM 179 or more. Well that's not the only thing i bought & not the only shop i went. but...,
sadly, i can't share everything about my shopping madness here.
we never know who read my blog. hihi.
this is google photo. i'm too excited that i forget to snatch the  picture

i know i'm being selfish & irresponsible. but it is very hard to say no to something you really love to do. one quesion : do smokers say no to smoking..? 
it really is a constant internal struggle in me trying to say 'NO'  when i want to go ahead and do it.
i'm just so.. sick right..? 
all i can say is i need someone or something that could help me battling with this shopping addiction. 
that's all a piece of thought and my very own experience about shopping : my current sickness which i just realize this few month while i'm away

actually there's so many things that had been happening to me this past few month like ;
-my house been robbed last hari raya aidilfitri
-i didn't enroll UIA last september for my degree year ( too much questions from all friends and family about this so i'll explain them in the next post. iA).
-My raya korban experience in hometown. (super awesome. like first time ever. i'll post them in the next entry)
-my current life since working in zara
-my friendship with this person
i think there's just so many things i would love to share. we'll see how it goes later.
love & regards, amimy (:

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